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I confess, I am a reality tv junkie.  


if i could live anywhere in the world it would be australia. they are seriously chic down under.


i totally believe in the cliche that "everything happens for a reason"


Palm trees make me happy, like really happy


I’m Midwest grown, but California made. I recently married my surfing loving husband in paradise of 2015 and we have planted our roots in Costa Mesa, CA. For over a decade I worked in the world of high heels and ‘cerulean blue’, but not too many devil’s in Prada crossed my path.  My tenure of experience lead me to many roles where I represented, managed, trained, and educated for contemporary and luxury brands like Theory, Elie Tahari, DVF and Dior

Some would think living bi-coastal traveling from New York to Pairs soaking up all the couture glamour would check that box, but my dreams are just being discovered.

I’ve always been a creative extrovert at heart and loved finding details in the world that surrounds me. My ambitious appetite craves to produce unique eye candy for others to enjoy while my goal is to spark imagination at any age. 



We are a custom design house offering design, staging, and styling for events, interiors, fashion, editorial, blogging, and all your lifestyle needs.

Based in Southern California we look to our surroundings to create original concepts with unique details. Forrest and J elevates everything we touch and loves to showcase an environment that will be one of a kind. If you dare to live in the moment and celebrate life with flair and bespoke style you’ve knocked on the right door. We’re ready!! No remixes on our playlist, only original beats.

Come join the Party Revolution!! 



Don’t quite know how to get started and overwhelmed by it all? Grab a cocktail and post up, because we will conceptualize an epic experience from top to bottom. We have friends in high places and will source luxury vendors that will now be your tribe to come together and make a cohesive vibe, soiree, or moment you only dream of. 

- Design and staging -

You seem to have all your Manolos in row, but need help executing your vision into reality. Forrest and J will connect the dots with all your design elements and help you refine and tailor it perfectly. Our team will be all hands on deck to flawlessly execute your epic party tabletop, maybe layout and style your dream space, or curate images that are only Pinterest swoon worthy. While of course, remembering it’s all in the details. So rest easy. 

- Virtual design boards -

Let’s face it, we’ll all be talking to holograms one day, so we’ve jumped on the techy bandwagon. With Forrest and J’s computer savvy, we will take you into a virtual universe allowing you to see your complete design come to avatar life. Design and mood boards can assist you in explaining your concept to your team, visualize a space and layout, and be your road map ensuring nothing get’s lost in the mix. Beam me up Scottie! 



Strike a pose, Vogue! We love photo shoots at Forrest and J and live for designing editorial concepts to promote and drive content for your business or event. We can be your personal stylist when it comes to enhancing lifestyle, food, blog, and fashion. We’re not shy of the camera and love to make you shine. 


Off the wall idea, a crazy installation, innovative mind!! We love it!!! We will create anything your heart desires to make it reflect YOU! Hit us up to get started on your own personal project.